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    Insulated Tools

    Insulated Tools

    Insulated digging tools for use when working with electric cables.

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    Insulated Crowbar

    £49.52 plus VAT
    An insulated pointed end crow bar, tested and made in conformance with British Standards. A tool for working with live wires.

    Insulated Taper Mouth Shovel

    £51.52 plus VAT
    An insulated tapered shovel for mixing concrete, working tarmac and maneuvering ballast. Conforms to British Standards as a tool for working with live wires.

    Insulated Treaded Cable Lay Shovel

    £54.53 plus VAT
    A shovel used for cable and pipe laying with a slim blade and rounded edges to reduce and potential damages to wires.

    Insulated Treaded Trenching Shovel

    £54.54 plus VAT
    A trenching shovel used for digging and cleaning out narrow trenches. Its insulating properties and conformance to British Standards makes it a tool used around live wires.

    Insulated Newcastle Drainage Tool

    £54.54 plus VAT
    An insulated tool for use around live wiring, designed for digging deep and narrow trenches, channels and post holes. Conforms to British Standards.

    Insulated 54" Handle Sumo Post hole Spade

    £59.25 plus VAT
    An insulated, long shafted digging tool which has been designed to withstand heavy load forces up to 250kg and conforms to British Standards for live wire working tools.

    Insulated Double Shovel Holer

    £93.28 plus VAT
    Used for clearing rubble and soil from post holes, this insulated double shovel holer conforms to British Standards for working with live wire has a strong blade and shaft.

    Insulated Tools

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