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    Stocking a range of Strainrite tools for livestock wire fencing.


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    Strainrite XT1 In-Line Ratchet Strainer

    £2.84 plus VAT
    2 plane ramp for the guidance of wire onto the spool Frame with locking notch for improved performance and strainer integrity Galvanised reinforced frame and spring clip providing corrosion protection Wire Capture Lug for straining existing wires 11 tooth spool for finer control of wire tension

    Strainrite Ratchet Handle

    £13.33 plus VAT

    Strainrite Electric Open Crimp Sleeves 50/tub

    £18.10 plus VAT
    2.5mm Electric Crimp Sleeves For use on 1.6mm to 2.7mm (16 to 12.5 gauge) Fence Wire Crimp 4-5 times with EzeCrimp or UltraCrimp Fencing Tool to ensure joint strength

    Strainrite Standard Wire Cutters

    £19.95 plus VAT
    Lever action Hardened cutting edges for up to 2.5 HT wire Comfortable non-slip handles. Overall length 205mm (8″)

    Strainrite Crimps 2.5mm - 3.15mm (50no)

    £20.22 plus VAT
    Wire Crimps for use with 2.5mm to 3.15mm wire

    Strainrite Barbed Wire Crimps (50) 2.5 b/w

    £20.36 plus VAT
    Wire Crimps for use with Barbed Wire

    Strainrite Staple Pick

    £20.40 plus VAT
    Traditional design Strainrite Staple Pick Easily removes Batten Staples & Post Staples

    Strainrite Crimps 1.6 - 2.5mm (100pp)

    £23.40 plus VAT
    Wire crimps for use with 1.6mm - 2.5mm wire

    Strainrite Fencing Pliers

    £29.80 plus VAT
    Traditional style staple puller, with hammer face, cuts, grips & twists fencing wire. Single tooth jaws for lifting and pulling staples High strength Chrome Molybdenum Steel Comfortable slip resistant handles

    Strainrite HT Wire Cutting Pliers

    £45.39 plus VAT
    Induction-Hardened Precision Cutting Edges Scalloped Jaw Design Ergonomically designed handles Max. 4mm (8 gauge) diameter hard wire

    Strainrite Ezecut Chisel

    £57.35 plus VAT
    Contractors Choice High-Quality Fencing Chisel Forged from Solid High Carbon Steel 37mm Head Surface Ground and Whetstone Sharpened.

    Strainrite Easy Wire Puller

    £68.20 plus VAT
    Easily tie off/staple wire hands free! Quick and easily tensions either fencing or netting wire around strainer posts Smooth grip wire clamp prevents wire damage

    Strainrite Staple Puller

    £73.80 plus VAT
    High performance wire cutter & cable stripper, ergonomic design Twin Cam Leverage Short side to loosen tough staples Long side for full leverage Cable stripper Serrated wire grip Keyhole for wire twisting up to 4.5mm wire, ideal for doing tight loops on a swinging foot

    Strainrite Standard Chain Strainer

    £99.80 plus VAT


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