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    Electric Fencing Insulators

    Wire, rope and tape insulators for use with wooden posts.


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    C45 Paddock Tape Insulator

    From £12.35 plus VAT
    Paddock Essentials nail-on tape insulator with thumb lock clip. Will take up to 40mm tape.

    P11 Nail-On Bobbin Insulator

    From £13.45 plus VAT
    Small nail-on bobbin type insulator for polywire. Includes nails.

    P13 Nail-On Saddle Insulator

    From £24.95 plus VAT
    Saddle insulator with integral nails. Suitable for polywire

    P15 Egg End/Corner Insulator

    From £6.35 plus VAT
    High strain insulators for end posts and corners. Suitable for rope and wire.

    P37 Screw-In Ring Insulators

    From £11.60 plus VAT
    Reinforced screw-in ring insulators in packs 20, 100 or 200. Suitable for wire and rope.

    P37S Ring Insulator wire/ tape fitting

    From £13.95 plus VAT
    Screw in ring insulator suitable for wire, rope and tape up to 20mm.

    P37SL Stand-Off Ring Insulator wire/ tape fitting

    From £36.40 plus VAT
    Screw-in stand-off ring insulator with 120mm off-set suitable for wire, rope and tape up to 20mm.

    P39 Claw Insulator

    From £11.85 plus VAT
    Nail on insulator with broad back plate for greater insulation from the post.

    P45 Nail-On Tape Insulator

    From £14.60 plus VAT
    Premium nail-on tape insulator with overlock mechanism. Suitable for tape up to 40mm and rope.

    P5 Pigtail Insulator

    From £8.75 plus VAT
    Replacement insulator for pigtail and zigzag posts (9mm dia. hole)

    Outrigger Off Set Insulator (10ppp)

    £26.50 plus VAT

    Double Off-Set Insulator (10ppp)

    £30.20 plus VAT
    600mm double off-set insulator. Can be used to keep the animal off from both sides of a fence or extend the post height. Staples included.


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