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    Hammers & Bumpers

    Hammers and bumpers for fencing.

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    Claw Hammer 20 oz

    £8.10 plus VAT
    Claw Hammer 20oz

    Club Hammer 2 1/2lb

    £8.70 plus VAT
    Club Hammer 2 1/2lb

    Sledge Hammer 10LB

    £20.94 plus VAT
    Sledge Hammer 10lb

    Fiskars® Club Hammer M 3lb

    £32.61 plus VAT
    Ideal for single handed use during demolition work or driving in masonry nails with a shock absorbing handle.

    Fiskars® IsoCore™ Finishing Hammer M Curved 16oz

    £34.25 plus VAT
    Great for any detail work, comfortable and increased grip with the IsoCore™ shock absorbing technology to reduce shock and vibrations up to 70%.

    Fencing Maul

    £35.46 plus VAT
    Fencing Maul

    Fiskars® IsoCore™ General Use Hammer L 20oz

    £36.70 plus VAT
    Used for a wide range of common jobs, with its magnetic nail starter you can perform any job quickly, ideal for driving small nails into visible surfaces without damaging the surrounding area.

    Fiskars® IsoCore™ Finishing Hammer L Curve 20oz

    £36.72 plus VAT
    Used in a variety of common tasks, ideal for driving nails. Reduces strike shock and vibrations by up to 70% with IsoCore™ technology.

    Post Rammer

    £39.52 plus VAT
    Post Rammer/Bumper

    Fiskars® Club Hammer L 4lb

    £40.79 plus VAT
    A 2 in 1 hammer with a demolition face and a driving face for demolition and masonry work, rust resistant forged steel head.

    Rubber Maul

    £41.33 plus VAT
    Rubber Maul

    Fiskars® Sledge Hammer L 8lb

    £61.62 plus VAT
    Hard hitting, heavy duty Fiskars® sledge hammer featuring the IsoCore™ Shock Control System to absorb up to 50% of shock and vibrations.

    Aluminium Fencing Maul

    £67.74 plus VAT
    Aluminium Fencing Maul

    Fiskars® IsoCore™ Sledge Hammer XL 10lb/36"

    £68.85 plus VAT
    Heavy duty and powerful sledgehammer, perfect for demolition work with its combined driving face and demolition face. Featuring the IsoCore™ SCS to reduce the punishment your body takes when in use.


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