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    Fiskars® Spare Blade for Bow Saw SW30

    £3.65 plus VAT
    A spare blade for the Fiskars® Bow Saw SW30 to replace your damaged or missing blade.

    Fiskars® Solid™ Pruner Bypass P121

    £10.55 plus VAT
    Lightweight and easy to use pruner for trimming stems and thin branches from Fiskars.

    Fiskars® Bow Saw 21" SW30

    £13.05 plus VAT
    A bow saw used for sawing stems and thicker branches during heavy pruning in the garden.

    Fiskars® Xsharp Axe & Knife Sharpener

    £13.83 plus VAT
    A handy portable tool featuring 2 sharpeners in 1 for both Fiskars® axes and knives with a ceramic grind stone.

    Fiskars® Solid™ Hedge Shears HS21

    £17.10 plus VAT
    Solid Hedge Shears from Fiskars for trimming bushes and hedges.

    Fiskars® Solid™ Shovel

    £18.75 plus VAT
    For moving sand, gravel and other bulk materials.

    Fiskars® Solid™ Spade Pointed

    £18.75 plus VAT
    All purpose digging spade with a pointed and sharpened cutting edge.

    Fiskars® Solid™ Spade Rounded

    £18.75 plus VAT
    Straight and sharpened cutting edge for cutting grass and moving and mixing soil.

    Fiskars® Classic Leaf Rake XL Black

    £21.66 plus VAT
    A traditional tool with a wooden shaft and large head.

    Fiskars® Lopper Bypass L11

    £26.10 plus VAT
    Lightweight, non slip lopper from Fiskars.

    Fiskars® Solid™ Garden Fork

    £26.90 plus VAT
    For loosening and turning over compacted soil, also great for aerating lawns or raking out stones and weeds.

    Fiskars® Club Hammer M 3lb

    £32.61 plus VAT
    Ideal for single handed use during demolition work or driving in masonry nails with a shock absorbing handle.

    Fiskars® IsoCore™ Finishing Hammer M Curved 16oz

    £34.25 plus VAT
    Great for any detail work, comfortable and increased grip with the IsoCore™ shock absorbing technology to reduce shock and vibrations up to 70%.

    Fiskars® Xact Weed Puller

    £34.45 plus VAT

    Fiskars® IsoCore™ General Use Hammer L 20oz

    £36.70 plus VAT
    Used for a wide range of common jobs, with its magnetic nail starter you can perform any job quickly, ideal for driving small nails into visible surfaces without damaging the surrounding area.

    Fiskars® Tools

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