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    Creosoted Machine Rounds

    Creosoted Machine Rounds

    The timber is dried to below 28% moisture before treatment, creosote is then heated to around 90 degrees and applied under pressure of 3 bar. Creosote has a life expectancy of at least 40 years and the colour of the treatment can vary from a light brown to an almost black colour.


    Creosote can react with the skin and burn therefore when handling any creosote product (liquid or coated) you must wear the appropriate protective equipment, for example gloves, and avoid touching other surfaces after handling creosote until cleansed of any creosote residue.

    Click here for a safety data sheet

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    SP 1.8m x 100mm Creosoted Machine Round ptd

    £10.58 plus VAT

    SP 3.66m x 100mm Creosoted 1/2 rd rails

    £13.25 plus VAT

    SP 2.7m x 100mm Creosoted machine Round ptd

    £15.74 plus VAT

    SP 2.4m x 150mm Creosoted Machine Round ptd

    £35.07 plus VAT

    SP 2.4m x 200mm Creosoted Machine Round ptd

    £69.01 plus VAT

    Creosoted Machine Rounds

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